Our Service Project

This year, our team has chosen the Service Learning Challenge, The Meme Event.  The team met with the Mayor of Ithaca, Svante Myrick, and the Superintendent of the Ithaca City School District, Dr. Luvelle Brown.   The team decided to do a meme eventservice project to help the community stay active when the weather makes it difficult to exercise outside.

The Flaming Fries worked with a number of local celebrities to create movement videos and posters.  The team is held an online event to share the videos with the community.

Please check out the team’s videos below:

* Cornell Mascot Touchdown the Bear

* On Tap Dance Troupe

* The Blind Spots

* Hilby

* Cornell Men’s Hockey Team

* Moreland the Magician

* Vitamin L

* Cornell Bhangra

* Nate the Great

* Dr. Brown/Mayor Myrick